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To unify our efforts and work to be more effective in our State, our Nation & the World In this business of Music & Entertainment.



To ensure that our Members have the best opportunity available to make it in the Music Business, (Supporting one another, Investing in one another, and Performing with one another).



1. Set-up Music Association Business Meetings local, regional, and state-wide.


2. Set-up or attend Music Conferences local, regional, and statewide.

3. Set-up local, regional, and state-wide Workshops and Seminars for Performing Artists, Managers, Promoters, Record Companies, Writers/Beat-Makers, and Arrangers etc.

4. Set-up county-wide Star Search/Showcase Competitions.
(in all 159 counties)

5. Set-up regional and state-wide Star Search/Showcase Competitions. (quarterly and annually)

6. Set-up Talent Search and Showcase Opportunities, locally, statewide, nationally, and internationally for our members.

7. We will help our members with Human Development Issues.

8. We will also offer Life Skill Training and Referrals for our members and their families.

What is an Association?

What is an Association?

The state of being associated: fellowship; companionship.
A body of persons associated for some common purpose;
corporation; society; partnership. The connection or relation or
Ideas, feelings, etc.

What is an Associate?

A companion; one who is habitually or frequently in the
company or society of another. A partner; one who is
connected with another

Turning Albany, Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Macon, Savannah and The State of Georgia Upside Down For Our God.

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