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AUGUST 13/2006

Georgia Music Association, was born out of the desire to see more Positive and Spiritual Music and Videos, helping to shape the character and attitude of our children, young people and old folk moral and spiritual values as a Christian Nation, States, Counties, Cities, Communities, Neighborhoods and Families.

We can no longer sit back and complain about what they are doing...

            corrupt the moral and spiritual values our foreparents instilled in us to be compromised. We must fight this evil with stronger positive & spiritual lyrics, fat sound tracks, pictures, movies and dvd’s that are in good taste, as we wean our cities, states & this nation off of the poison that is consuming our children, young people and even some old people as well.


We must put an end to this madness before it destroy us ALL.Georgia Music Association is committed to helping to improve the quality of life for all regardless of race , national origin, color,age, religion, creed or handicap.


Min. Henry ( Sonny) Thomas • Founder  C.E.O.Written: Wed. Sept. 6, 2006


For hundreds of years our state and this nation has been educated, informed, motivated and inspired by musicians, singers, and dancers. Because we have not had a professional music association in place in our counties and the State of Georgia, many of our musicians, singers, rappers, and dancers etc., have not been properly compensated for their time and talents in the music profession. For the first time in the history of our state, we now have a Positive and Spiritual Music Association in place.



is a Domestic Faith Based Association.

Supporters of positive and Spiritual Music We intend to generate millions, if not billions of dollars from this multi-trillion dollar industry over the next few years  to begin the healing process and help eliminate poverty.

We will work exclusively with Positive and Spiritual Music (Musicians,Singers, Poets, Rappers, Dancers, Managers, Writers/Beat Makers,Arrangers, and Publishers etc), Locally, Regionally State-Wide, Nationally and Worldwide.

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